Migrating HANA 1.0 to HANA 2.0

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We have an issue at present with our HANA migration to HANA 2.0. When the migration is started it fails. When we examine the crashdump we see the following
in crashdump monitoring view m_dev_machine_topology is recorded.
therin we can see that core count is changing:
M_DEV_MACHINE_TOPOLOGY_HISTORY – (id= 28, type= dev:remote, reset= 0, flags= AddStatisticsName Crashdump RTEdump, priv= )
“Basis/MachineTopologyChanges/Singleton”;”1510498000805435 [utc]”;16;”0-15″;”1″;9223372036854710272
“Basis/MachineTopologyChanges/Singleton”;”1510498021927003 [utc]”;20;”0-19″;”1″;9223372036854710272
“Basis/MachineTopologyChanges/Singleton”;”1510498022940616 [utc]”;24;”0-23″;”1″;9223372036854710272
As far as we can tell the LPAR is changing cores under the hood automatically. Which is throwing out the the entire migration procedure as the migration tool is intelligent enough to be aware that the core amount is changing and as such impacts the whole operation.

Has this already been reported to SUSE ? POWER 8 installation using SLES 12 SP2 with migration from HANA 1.0 to HANA 2.0

Any thoughts ?


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