SLES 12 Sp3, filestýstems dont mount after reboot?

gert_pulsengert_pulsen New or Quiet Member
Have a SLES 12 SP3 on Power that have problem mounting filesystems after reboot.
Its randomly which disks dont mount.

request_module: runaway loop modprobe fs-xfs
request_module: runaway loop modprobe fs-xfs
[FAILED] Failed to mount /db2acc04_zdb2lu12_1B.
See 'systemctl status db2acc04_zdb2lu12_1B.mount' for details.
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Local File Systems.
[FAILED] Failed to mount /db2acc04_zdb2lu12_tsmfailover_1.
See 'systemctl status db2acc04_zdb2lu12_tsmfailover_1.mount' for details.

They can be mounted manually from prompt.

Any parameters or timeout you can set as parameters?
Number of mountpoints ?

Regards Gert


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  • Jens-U.Jens-U. Knowledge Partner
    Hi Gert,

    are those mounts depending on some network connection (NFS, iSCSI device) or truly local devices? And are you mounting by /etc/fstab (plus systemd generator for the according *.mount units), then please give us a glimpse of the according entry. If those mount units where created explicitly, what's in there? If that mount point is depending on network, please add "_netdev" to the mount options.

    Have you followed the logged recommendation to check the journal entries? ("systemctl status db2acc04_zdb2lu12_1B.mount")

    A few more details might help...

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