Skipping registeration through jenkins/suse installation


I'm working for a development project and our Jenkins needs to install SUSE SLES 12.2 in an closed network. The problem we are getting is that we cannot skip the registeration part when installing. The error message was about not be able to connect to scc.suse... which is expected because our firewall does not allow this development server to be in contact to outside world. The installation to other non development machines work ok with the enterprise license credentials, problem is only with this development environment.

Can anyone please suggest a work around for this? Perhaps some changes in the autoyast file?


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    Hi mohsentt,

    please take this discussion to - you have placed this question in a forum dedicated to problems with the SCC itself.

    > we cannot skip the registeration part when installing
    > not be able to connect to scc.suse
    > Perhaps some changes in the autoyast file?

    I'm not 100% positive I understand correctly, so let me ask back: You're installing a SLES12SP2, are using an autoyast XML for unattended installation and the registration step fails because the system cannot connect the SCC?

    What made me ask is the "we cannot skip the registration" part of your question - is it that you just have not found a way to do so yet? Because changing the autoyast file would sound like the way to go (if it indeed contains the registration section) and a quick google search might have brought you to, which includes a description of the <do_registration> node.

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