How to show/check RX/TX Power from FC Adapter?

dennisschneckdennisschneck New or Quiet Member
need to know how to check/show the RX/TX Power of an FC Adapter ? (EMULEX)
on SLES12SP3 x86_64



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  • KEVINKEVIN Knowledge Partner
    dennisschneck wrote:

    > Hello,
    > need to know how to check/show the RX/TX Power of an FC Adapter ?
    > (EMULEX)
    > on SLES12SP3 x86_64
    > Thanks

    Hello dennisschneck,

    Welcome to the SUSE forums...

    I see no one has responded to your question. These forums are staffed
    by volunteers each of whom has expertise in different areas. We try our
    best to answer questions but sometimes when questions involve specific
    products, none of us may have a solution.

    I have no experience with EMULEX FC Adapters but I did a Google search
    for "show RX/TX Power EMULEX FC Adapter" and found this.

    The command you are looking for is ‘sfpshow’. If it is not on your
    system it can be found in "Emulex HBA tools" which you may be able to
    find on your vendor's website.

    You can find additional information if you do an Internet search.

    Good luck!

    Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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