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    I've reached the end of my patience with this SR. So, here I am.

    I identified and reproduced a memory leak in eDirectory back in Feb
    2019. I opened this SR once I was reasonably sure that I could reproduce
    it. Unfortunately, my client is running eDir, and naturally
    Support didn't want to deal with that. I was told that unless I could
    reproduce it with eDir 9, that it was a dead end because eDir 8 was out
    of support. Fair enough.

    So I reproduced it with eDir 9. By then, a patch had been released, and
    of course, we can't possibly look at the results from eDir 9.12, Support
    can only look at it if it's eDir 9.13.

    So I reproduced it again with eDir 9.13. That was six weeks ago. I've
    been sending James email, repeatedly, since then, and heard nothing
    until yesterday. Guess what?

    Right. There's now an eDir 9.14, and backline / engineering / etc. can't
    possibly be interested in seeing any problems in 9.13, they want to know
    if I can reproduce it in 9.14 before they'll look at it.

    This is (expletive deleted).

    Each time I have to reproduce this takes a week. Then I have to hound
    Support for a month. By then, there's a new release, and around we go
    again. I informed James on the 9.13 test that this was it, that I would
    not be repeating this "try the new version we just released and let us
    know if that doesn't help" thing again.

    I need, today, somebody from backline involved. I need them to look at
    what I've reproduced. I do NOT need to be asked stupid questions like if
    I'm running IDM and whether or not I've checked the DIB cache settings.
    If backline sets up the same test, exactly as described, complete with
    all of the various supportconfigs that I've submitted and the exact
    instructions on how to reproduce the problem, and can't reproduce it,
    THEN, and only then, can we start looking for differences in settings or

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  • Sorry to hear about your experience.
    I have flagged this up to the Team Manager's attention..

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