SMT - smt-client shows Patch Status 'UNKNOWN'

sharfuddinsharfuddin Senior Member
SMT is configured on SLES 12 SP 3.
SMT Client(SLES 12 SP 3) is also configured via "" script. I updated/patched the smt client systems too.

But on SMT Server when I run the 'smt-client' command it show 'Patch Status' as UNKNOWN

smt:~ # smt-client
| GUID                                 | Hostname | Patch Status | Patch Status Date |
| SCC_6524b7f12a39410e8588b60170e681e1 | node1    | Unknown      |                   |
| SCC_e86851a33523474cb6f88557ce9e7359 | storage  | Unknown      |                   |

while 'smt-list-registration' gives the appropriate output:
smt:~ # smt-list-registrations
| Unique ID                            | Hostname | Last Contact        | Namespace | Product              |
| SCC_6524b7f12a39410e8588b60170e681e1 | node1    | 2019-06-20 15:01:41 |           | SLES_SAP 12.3 x86_64 |
| SCC_e86851a33523474cb6f88557ce9e7359 | storage  | 2019-06-20 17:08:44 |           | SLES_SAP 12.3 x86_64 |
please help why 'smt-client' is showing the Patch Status as UNKNOWN ?


  • asadlerasadler New or Quiet Member
    It seems my research is 9 months too late, but in case someone else digs this thread up from the future and is wondering the same thing, here's what I've discovered:

    - When you run a "zypper ref" on a client, anything is wrong or any kind of error is reported, even if it continues, you will get an "Unknown" shown in SMT.
    - Go to the particular machine, run "zypper ref" or "zypper lr" and figure out what the problem is from there.
    - Once you've done that, go to your smt server and run this command: "smt-client -g SCC_1234567ABCDE -v" where "SCC_1234567ABCDE" is the GUID of the computer you found from running "smt-client -v" (I think you can also just pass the "-h <hostname>" flag too)
    - When the job has been submitted, go to the client machine and run "smt-agent". You should now get up to date information.
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