Customs Channels and Hardware requirments

avanhenavanhen New or Quiet Member

I am trying to tailor the advanced patch management of SUSE manager, creating channels for environments, archiving periodically the Update/SUSE channels.
Is there a limit regarding the number of custom channels, archives created?
What are the costs in terms of storage, ram, CPU, etc. regarding the creation of multiple new customs channels?
I assume I would need more than a hundred custom channels for different OS versions/environments.
Thank you !



  • strahil-nikolov-dxcstrahil-nikolov-dxc Established Member
    We got over 2000 non-SuSE channels.
    I think you will be OK, but navigation 'through' many channels get difficult.

    Keep in mind that cloned channels use less storage, as they are only refferences in the postgre DB.
  • avanhenavanhen New or Quiet Member
    Ok, thank you for your answer!
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