SLES11 SP4 Xen Paravirtual VMs multipath problem

andy_sandy_s New or Quiet Member
I have SLES 11 SP4 Xen server with two paravirtualized VMs (PVMs) with SLE-10-x86_64-SP3 and OES v.2.0.2.
Multipath is configured for 2 LAN interfaces (different subnets) connected to LIO ISCSI target.
multipath.conf is:
defaults {
	user_friendly_names	yes

blacklist {
	devnode	"^(ram|raw|loop|fd|md|dm-|sr|scd|st)[0-9]*"
	devnode	"^hd[a-z]"
	devnode	"^dcssblk[0-9]*"

devices {
	device {
		vendor			"LIO-ORG"
		features		"2 queue_if_no_path no_partitions"
		path_selector		"round-robin 0"
		path_grouping_policy	multibus
		failback		immediate
		path_checker		"tur"
		prio			"alua"
For HVMs I had to add there this line
features		"2 queue_if_no_path no_partitions"
otherwise the HVMs didn't start.
If I keep this line for PVMs, I get libvirt error and the PVMs don't start.
If I comment this line, the PVMs start and are waiting for root partition to appear with no success.
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