Cannot install certbot - missing dependencies

VargaPeterVargaPeter Established Member
I want to use Let's Encrypt on my SLES 15.1 VM.

When I try to install certbot via yast I get this:
nothing provides python2-setuptools needed by python2-certbot-1.0.0-bp151.3.6.3.noarch

The same when I try to install the python2-certbot-apache module.

I added these modules with the below commands to the SLES 15.1 VM.
SUSEConnect -p sle-module-python2/15.1/x86_64
SUSEConnect -p PackageHub/15/x86_64

What am I missing? How to use certbot with SLES 15.1 - I didn't find aynthing useful yet.

Thank you!


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