[My Solution] error copy files on server, attribute failure

environment: NAS Synology as server, SLED 15.1
Failure: copy files on same server from one to other point generate failure. Attribute failure, permission failure, corrupt files, copy failure
Reason: SMB1 was enabled as well on NAS


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    Hi and welcome to the Forum :)
    Is this just a heads up to the issue, or you need some extra help?

  • Hi, I had been locked out of the forum for some time due to login issues.
    Parallel I use of course help from Suse support and IT support for some issues. Often we find solutions by searching the net. So, if I found a solution I place it here to store it for me and other and make a solution available for other. This here is just a storage for those ho might face similar in future. :-)

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    Perhaps the thread discussion prefix could be added for your snippets eg [My Solution] How I fixed Blah....

  • yes, right. But I can't change it here anymore I think?

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    If you flag the post a Moderator should be able to fix it ;)

  • Hello, I fexed the headline of the post :)


  • thanks! :-)

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