how to enable hooks to run before & after dhcp

I am new to SUSE and having a lot of trouble finding out how to run hooks (scripts) before & after dhcpclient is run.

I have been able to do this with other distros, but cannot figure out with SUSE, I am running SUSE 12.

I have placed my scripts in the following location, but they are not called.


If I ran ps ax|grep dhcp, I get

784 ? SLs 0:00 /usr/lib/wicked/bin/wickedd-dhcp4 --systemd --foreground
785 ? SLs 0:00 /usr/lib/wicked/bin/wickedd-dhcp6 --systemd --foreground

I try to find out where wickedd-dhcp4 looks for before & after scripts, no luck so far.
I will need to configure this from the Linux shell.
Any help will be appreciated.




  • Is this not the right place? can anyone suggest better place to post?

  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    Hi and welcome to the Forum :)
    You can see what the systemd service is about via cat (eg config files) for example;

    systemctl cat wickedd-dhcp4

    Most of the configs/scripts are down in /etc/sysconfig/network

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