SLES 12 SP3 Upgrade to SLES 12 SP5

I am preparing to upgrade several SLES 12 SP3 servers to SLES 12 SP5.
A vendor informed me you can upgrade directly from SLES 12 SP3 to SLES 12 SP5. In place.
However, the documentation does not support this.
Has anyone upgraded directly to SLES 12 SP5 from SLES 12 SP3 skipping SLES 12 SP4 in between?
Thank you!
“Upgrading from SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 GA/SP1/SP2/SP3 to SP5
Direct upgrades from SLE 12 GA, SP1, SP2, or SP3 to SP5 are not supported. Upgrade to SLES 12 SP4 first.”


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