Colocation with one-way failover dependency

Hi Folks!
I have a query related to SLES HA crm constraints.
I have a use case where there needs to be a colocation constraint between two resources (let's say A and B )
The restrictions are that

  • B should be colocated w.r.t A
  • Failure/Failover in A should cause failover in B
  • Failure of B should not impact A
    Can anyone please help me regarding this query.
    Thanks Ahead!


  • strahilstrahil New or Quiet Member

    I think that you can do it with a simple colocation rule. This will lead that in case of A fails over, B will be moved always. Keep in mind that the colocation rule won't guarantee if you need B to start after A.
    crm configure colocation always-B-with-A inf: B A

  • strahilstrahil New or Quiet Member
    edited July 16

    When I think about it, if B fails you might have A affected. In such case , you can use op monitor on-fail=ignore for B resource only.

  • edited July 16

    Sure, I did try 'on-fail=ignore' option. But the issue faced with that was , the status "ignored" got cleared after failure-timeout and the resource was showing as "Started".
    Is there any other option which would keep the status consistent for the user to know always that the resource has actually failed without affecting resource A.

  • strahilstrahil New or Quiet Member

    It shouldn't show 'Started' unless someone really starts it. Better open a bug report.

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