Loop when activating vncserver

Hello there,
i already read through the manual and the forum, but i couldnt find an answer to my problem.
I hope it hasn't been solved before.

I just installed SLES 15 SP1 with GNOME for testing purposes. Over YaST, i wanted to activate
the vnc-server. I choose my options and press next, then it tells me to relog/restart the Display-Manager
for the changes to take effect.

When i do this, and open the VNC-Server administration over YaST again, it starts from the beginning
and tells me again to restart the display manager.

I thought maybe this is just the configuration window and the VNC-Server is open after this, but i cant
get a connection from another client, even though the firewall is disabled.

Maybe someone of you has an idea about this issue.

Thanks alot in advance!


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