MBR partitioning

Hello there. I would like to know the number of partitions my disk will have if I use MBR. Thanks.


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    You can have four primary or create an extended partition (logical) for a total of 15, if type dos, if type gpt can have 128...

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  • NikosNikos New or Quiet Member

    Eventually, I followed your advice. During the installation of SLED 15 SP2, when I reached "Suggested Partitioning", I chose "Guided Setup" and decided not to create a separate "Home" partition. In this way, I ended up having a comfortable single partition of 230 GB. It goes without saying that I used GPT instead of MBR.

  • hi,
    I have seen dos disklable we can create upto 63 disk partitions. i to know its 15 partitions but how come we are seeing 63 in SUSE documnetation


    If you need more than four partitions, create an extended partition as the fourth partition (or earlier). This extended partition should occupy the entire remaining free cylinder range. Then create multiple logical partitions within the extended partition. The maximum number of logical partitions is 63, independent of the disk type. It does not matter which types of partitions are used for Linux. Primary and logical partitions both function normally

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    Check with:
    $ cfdisk /dev/sda
    your partition table. Replace MBR by GPT:

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