Availability of older ISOs

WilliamByrneWilliamByrne New or Quiet Member

I have a variety of SLES 10.x and 11.x guests requiring migration. But without the availability of the older media, it's difficult to perform the suggested migrations. For example, I have a 10.4 Xen LVM guest that I'd like to move to KVM, but the default kernel must first be installed. I misplaced the original ISO. I spent 4 hours looking for it. I had a related 11.1 issue a few weeks ago. No luck.

Try finding older, trustworthy ISOs out there -- they don't exist.

I'm not asking for migration assistance. I'm simply requesting the availability of the older ISOs. Perhaps they could be published in an "unsupported" location with the hash codes. This will certainly help to keep things SuSE.


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