Not all the downloaded product are listed in mgr-create-bootstrap-repo

I'm a novice in Suse Manager and I've installed a brand new server in v4.1.
In Admin-> products I've flagged SLES12SP4, SP5, SLES15SP1, SLES15SP2,SUMA SERVER 4.1 and SUMA PROXY 4.1. All the products seems to be completely downloaded ( product channel synced and child products channels synced ). But if I run mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -l to create the boostrap repo I have only these options:
1. SLE-12-SP5-x86_64
2. SLE-15-SP1-x86_64
3. SLE-15-SP2-x86_64
4. SUMA-41-PROXY-x86_64
SLES12SP4 and SUMA SERVER 4.1 are missing, and I don't understand. I've to check somewhere for errors? May I re-run something to see if this list will be complete?
Any suggestion and explanation will be really well accepted


  • PauPau New or Quiet Member

    Is this still the case? Maybe the missing products were still synchronizing?
    As a side note, bootstrap repositories are created automagically once the channel sync is complete, you should not need to create them manually.

  • Hi,
    all the products are in sync, but should be that I can't see SLES12SP4 ( not SLES12SP4 for SAP ) is out of support ???
    Thanks in advance for any suggestion

  • PauPau New or Quiet Member

    Yes, that might be it. You should still see it if you get LTSS for SLES 12 SP4.

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