Lab 5.5 - node2 fails to join cluster

I came across the following error message while running ha-cluster-init on node2:
ERROR: cluster.init: Failed to determine default network interface

There were no meaningful clues left in the ha-cluster-bootstrap.log file, as can be seen from the screencap below.

After validating that the node's network interfaces had been properly configured and were active, I went ahead and re-ran the command with the -i bond0 option to manually specify the desired network interface.
The node was then able to join the cluster.

Someone mentioned encountering similar issues in today's webinar.
Is this failure caused by a known issue, and how would the instructor recommend we fix it?



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    I no longer have the error on screen, because the two nodes have been enjoyng a friendly fencing race.
    But for what it's worth, running ha-cluster-remove results in the same error (and this command has no -i option).

  • Did you add the Default IPv4 Gateway when configuring the network settings? That would cause this issue. Check Lab 4-1, Task 4, Step 6. You have to configure the gateway on both node 1 and node 2.

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