error in posInitbranchserver

I had run the posInitbranchserver on one of my server gives below error

posInitBranchserver -r
BranchServer Configuration
Branch server reinitialization!
..stopping services..
Shutting down rsync daemon done
Stopping Advanced Trivial FTP server done
Shutting down name server BIND waiting for named to shut down (28s) done
Shutting down ISC DHCPv4 4.x Server done
Available initialization modes:
1 = Online(default)
2 = Offline
Please, select initialization mode: 1
Please enter your organization/company name [trent-tata]:
Please enter the 2 letter abbreviation of your country [in]:
Please enter the name of organizational unit [fiorahypermarket]:
Please enter the location/branch name [fhl001]:
Please enter the name or IP of the AdminServer []:
Please enter the Branch Server access password:
Trying to synchronize server certificates
with admin server...

Initializing Branch LDAP server...
Use Branch LDAP on localhost? (yes/no) [yes]
Shutting down ldap-server done
Starting Branch LDAP server...
Starting ldap-server done
Checking Branch LDAP communication...
Branch LDAP connection established
Checking AdminServer LDAP communication...
Admin LDAP connected...
Initializing Branch LDAP db via SyncRepl from Admin LDAP server
Storing BranchServer configuration...
Waiting for Syncreplication to complete (Maximum wait time 60 seconds. Checking every 3 seconds)
Maximum waittime exceeded. Servers are in not sync.
[Warning] Replication from Adminserver to Branchserver did not complete after 60 seconds.
Try again? (yes/no) [yes]

Kindly suggest


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