How to install RabbitMQ on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

What is the simplest way of installing RabbitMQ on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 together with Erlang?


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    Hi and welcome to the Forum :)
    Is this really for aarch64 and a RPi3, or just posted in the wrong area?
    If you add the product SUSE Package Hub to your system, erlang and rabbitmq are available for SLE 15 and up....

  • Thanks, this wasn't for aarch64 and a RPi3. I however managed to install using package hub.

  • Hello @Marvic, could you install rabbitmq managment ui plugin?
    SUSEConnect -p PackageHub/15.2/x86_64
    zypper refresh
    zypper install erlang
    zypper install rabbitmq-server
    I tried the commands above, it seems up and running but I could not install management ui.
    rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
    Enabling plugins on node rabbit@localhost:
    {:plugins_not_found, [:rabbitmq_management]}

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