Backup Recommendations

Can anyone recommend and simple/cheap way to back up a few items on a Suse Linux Server in case of a failure and I need to restore an app on another server: I need to backup

The files in
Are the ones that we would need to restore the service.

I would also need the database which can be dumped periodically, or the files in **var/lib/mysql **can be backed up although I don’t think this can be done safely without stopping the mysql service, so could I use the dump option.

Finally, the files in the data folder but I only really need the users and 'studio' folder in /data/appPJ/production.

Thanks for any suggestions and help as I'm fairly new to Suse Linux


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    @mpgsuselinux Hi and welcome to the Forum :)
    Where are you backing up the files too, attached temporary storage, a remote server etc? I would suggest rsync in the first instance, For the database, mysqldump, you could set this all up in a script to complete the task, for automation add a systemd service and a timer for when the task needs to be done (cron is on the way out...).

  • Thanks, Ive been reading up on you recommendations, ideally I would like to send this to the cloud but initially may get sent to a Windows file share for now. Do you have any recommendations for suitable cloud storage for Suse Linux servers?

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