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I have installed SELD 15.2 - this should be a complete Desktop. However, there is a "tack" in the selection area for WorkStation Extension, that need a separate licens. But do I need that at all - or what is the difference with and without WE?


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner
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    @HANS-CHRISTOPH the workstation extension is only needed for SLES if SLES users require all the desktop features, normally a server is just that ;) For SLED it is part of the install.

    You should see something like the following from SUSEConnect (?);

    SUSEConnect --list-extensions
        Basesystem Module 15 SP2 x86_64 (Activated)
        Deactivate with: SUSEConnect -d -p sle-module-basesystem/15.2/x86_64
            Desktop Applications Module 15 SP2 x86_64 (Activated)
            Deactivate with: SUSEConnect -d -p sle-module-desktop-applications/15.2/x86_64
                Development Tools Module 15 SP2 x86_64 (Activated)
                Deactivate with: SUSEConnect -d -p sle-module-development-tools/15.2/x86_64
                SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension 15 SP2 x86_64 (Activated)
                Deactivate with: SUSEConnect -d -p sle-we/15.2/x86_64
            Python 2 Module 15 SP2 x86_64 (Activated)
            Deactivate with: SUSEConnect -d -p sle-module-python2/15.2/x86_64
            SUSE Cloud Application Platform Tools Module 15 SP2 x86_64
            Activate with: SUSEConnect -p sle-module-cap-tools/15.2/x86_64
            SUSE Package Hub 15 SP2 x86_64 (Activated)
            Deactivate with: SUSEConnect -d -p PackageHub/15.2/x86_64
  • Ok.
    When I install the PC, chose the type of installtion, e.g. SLES or SLED or so. I chosed SLED.
    When I activate the installation, I have to chose the modules. WE is one of them. This makes no sense. Maybe should SUSE correct the failure?

  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    @HANS-CHRISTOPH I normally just select the desktop and let it do it's thing, never checked any boxes. Is this the part where you add additional repositories? If so I ignore that.

  • AndreasAndreas Senior Member
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    You should check your SLES or SLED installation after each new fresh installation or after each service pack installation with this commands:

    SUSEConnect --list-extensions

    SUSEConnect --status-text

    zypper ls

    zypper lr -P

    zypper packages --orphaned

    zypper lifecycle

    rpm --verify --all


    See man pages for more information.

  • I can see. But what do I do with the results? I have no overview what packages I need or not. :-)

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