Best upgrade method to the next service pack

NikosNikos New or Quiet Member
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Hello everyone. What is the best method to upgrade to the next service pack?

sudo zypper install zypper-migration-plugin
sudo zypper patch
sudo zypper update
sudo zypper migration


Performing a clean installation.

Thanks in advance.


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner
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    @Nikos Hi, for online, ensure zypper-migration-plugin is installed and then logout of the desktop, switch to a tty (eg ctrl+alt+F1) and then login as root user and run zypper migration. Or reboot to multi-user target (runlevel 3) and perform the migration as root user, no sudo....

    For offline, you need the full install media and boot from that to perform the upgrade, in either case a full reinstall is not needed. Of course ensure you have backed up your system before any upgrade ;)

  • NikosNikos New or Quiet Member

    @malcolmlewis, thanks again.

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