Good morning everyone

I'm trying to apply SP3 to one of my SLES12 boxes, and it's being difficult.

I'm booting off of the SLES 12 SP3 DVD1, and it makes it as far as trying to connect to the virtual terminal, but then goes to a black screen with a non-blinking gray cursor, where it sits indefinitely.

This is a VM on VMWare ESXi 6, with three vCPUs and 8GB of memory. The host is an HP DL380 G9 with 40 Xeon E5-2698 cores and 512GB of memory.

Just as a test, I tried booting off of the SP2 DVD, and it did the same thing.

It's as if the VM just completely hangs, because if I release the mouse cursor, it won't recapture it.

I know that this has worked in the past, because I installed a new VM on the box just a couple of months ago.

Is there anything that I can do to make it complete the loading of the installer, or any way to tell why it's freezing?