HI again:

IM here again with a new POS trying to make a touchscreen work
THIs is a POS from fujitsu, called TP8AS (i think this is a new version and there are no drivers on the fujitsu page)

so im trying to install the touscreen (egalax)
http://www.eeti.com/drivers_Linux.html - Drivers - eGTouch_v2.5.5814.L-x

the guide tells me to compile the kernel( i did it with 3.0.101-63-pae and folloed the guide

everythin good , kernel compiled and booted BUT the touchscreen still doesnt work. ( and i might add the network doesnt work too, still checking why)

so the guide tells me to compile the kernel and add/remove some options using make menuconfig ( did it)
and then add some lines to evdev.c - mousedev.c - joydev.c ( did it and the kernel compiled with no errors. BUT on kernel 4.8.5 which is te one using the customer , i cannot compile it )

so now im stuck with a nother touchscreen.

can you help me?

let me know what you need