On 05/10/17 00:04, ehernandezc wrote:

> This is my first post here, i have some troubles with crowbar, i try to
> add a new external network to an existing SOC7 instalation with the
> following steeps:
> 1. edit crowbar network proposal with "crowbar network proposal edit
> default"
> 2. Add the new network on the networks section of the json following
> these instructions:
> https://www.suse.com/documentation/s..._networks.html
> 3. deploy de modified conduict with "crowbar network proposal commit
> default".
> The admin server starts to try to deploy de proposal, but stops when try
> to reach de admin server.

What change(s) are you making to the network proposal? After making a
simple change (mapping a different physical interface to a logical
interface) I am able to commit the edited proposal.

SUSE's documentation advises to edit /etc/crowbar/network.json file by
hand before installing SUSE OpenStack Cloud and notes that once
installed you cannot change the network setup. What's not clear is
whether this also applies to setting up multiple external networks and
modifying the Neutron Barclamp - I'll report this.

When making changes using "crowbar network proposal edit default" with a
customised (by hand) network.json file in /etc/network I don't then see
those changes reflected in the network.json file. Whilst it seems to
read in my custom config this makes me think using "crowbar network
proposal edit default" is not supported.

> Now the network barclamp is broken and i dont have any idea how to get
> the admin server to a healthy state again in order to try again to
> redeploy de new network.
> Thanks in advice for the help.

Did you backup the Admin node before making network changes?

Do you have nodes set up with services deployed?

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