Dear all,

I am from SAP basis background who is trying to perform an SLES upgrade on HANA system which is currently at SLES for SAP Application 11.4 and planning to go to 12.1. The server is on ESX 5.5 environment. The problem which i am facing is that even though the new installation dvd is mounted for upgrade (can be seen at FS level) the server is not booting with the option to upgrade. I tried again to download the DVD but the issue persists, also tried with SLES 12.1 DVD. The only thing which is visible during boot is three options :

SLES for SAP Application 3.0.101-63
Failsafe - SLES for SAP Application 3.0.101-63

I don't have much of Linux background so would only be comfortable in upgrading via GUI mode. Can anyone help here and tell me what could be missing here.

many thanks in advance.