Hi ,

I have an issue with the connectivity of my local host to the server. I followed the steps in the administration guide to connect it the DNS server. When I ping to the IP address of this server, it is working. But when I try this command
ping linux-dnff
this is what I get
islem@linux-dnff:~> ping linux-dnff
ping: unknown host linux-dnff

when I try
host linux-dnff
I get
islem@linux-dnff:~> host linux-dnff
Host linux-dnff not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

the name of the machine located in etc/hotname is

and the configurations of my DNS settings are
### Please remove (at least) this line when you modify the file!
search jmu.ac.uk enr.jmu.ac.uk ac.uk uk

any help will be very mcuh appreciated.