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Well I tried to uncheck assigning the hostname to localhost, but I got
ping linux-dnff to fail. So, I checked it again.

My local host is conncted to the server, using DNS.

How do I setup a non-dynamically-generated-looking hostname ? jm74690
is the name of computer and is the public ip address of
the computer. What is the problem of having linux-dnff as the host
name. It is not causing any problem so far.


Should really look at using your DNS server, but would need to use a
FQDN rather than host name.

So for your add a period (a dot) after the first local
Code: linux-dnff. linux-dnff
Look at your /etc/nsswitch.conf file as well maybe your wanting to look
for the netbios wins etc name? By default the localhost will look
at /etc/hosts first then your DNS (you should not need in DNS
either /etc/resolv.conf).

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