We are using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 (x86_64) on VMware platform.

We had recently restarted the system, after which the GUI is very slow. Before that there were no issues. But now,
- It takes long time for the login screen to appear after restart
- It takes time after entering the credentials for the desktop to appear.
- It takes long time for Yast to open.
- We are not able to connect to the server through VNC or WinSCP. It just timesout.
- Access the application from the web interface is also very slow, whereas accessing with the desktop client is fine.
- When we try to restart tomcat6, it just hangs at stopping... and does not stop. Even if we kill it, it does not start.

When we restart the server, it stops at stopping tomcat and thus have to power off the server.

It appears to be java issue, but cannot find a way to resolve it.

Can someone guide on some troubleshooting tips and possibly solution to this issue.

Thanks in advance.