What version of SLES and SPx level required for the following fix, in summary:

a. SLES11 SP3 kernel version, 3.0.x
b. SLES11 SP2 - kernel version, 3.0.x

c. SLES12 SP1- kernel version, 3.1.x
d. SLES12 SP2- kernel version, 3.1.x
e. SLES12 SP3- kernel version, 3.1.x

The /proc/pid/cmdline file length limit for the ps command was previously hard-coded in the kernel to 4096 characters. This update makes sure the length of /proc/pid/cmdline is unlimited, which is especially useful for listing processes with long command line arguments.

My customer needs to understand what os version to upgrade to for this fix to be available. Thanks!