Anyone using Live Patching with SUSE Manager?
I've noticed that if I add the LP repos, install the add-on, and patch the kernel, SUSE Manager will report "The system requires a reboot", although "zypper ps" shows no issues, and the "kgr" tool shows the patch(es) applied, and no problems. The latter two would make me think there is no need for a reboot. I'm wondering if SUSE Manager is just saying that a reboot is required, because those patches are flagged as patches that require a reboot (if not applied with KGraft).
Does anyone know how it determines when it displays that message?
I'm thinking the client system is just fine, and that SUSE Manager just thinks it needs a reboot, based on the fact that the patch would need a reboot if not applied with KGraft. However, I can't find confirmation of my theory. I would have thought by now that SUSE Manager would be able to detect Live Patching.
It is my understanding from the documentation that Live patches shouldn't have a reboot icon. I notice that the only patches available do.
(I added a new SLES 12 SP3 system, and I find four kernel patches - all have the reboot icon).
Also, if it is relevant, I am still managing systems the RHN/Spacewalk way (they are not Salt minions).

Allen B.