currently i lost my /-partition because btrfs got corrupted (due to some adverse circumstances). This raises for me the question: how can i really backup a btrfs partition, including subvolumes and snapshots ?
We have a file-based tape backup over the network (EMC), but this does not support BTRFS. That means it just copies the files from /, it does not care about subvolumes or snapshots. With ext3 it never was a problem, in desaster recovery i could restore / in a reasonable amount of time. / is for me just software, os and configuration. No databases, no virtual machines. That's another topic.
Fortunately the system with btrfs was a test system, so maybe it was lucky that i got the problem and realized it. Better than in production. So my question to you:
How do you backup your btrfs root partition ? Do you backup the subvolumes and the snapshots ? How do you achieve that ? Or, the other way round: what do you do when your btrfs /-partition gets corrupted ? Assume you lost the complete fs, with all subvolumes (this is what happened to me).
btrfs check still seems to be limited. And i don't want to play or try or test some tools in desaster scenario, i would like to have a backup with which i can restore my /-partition in a reasonable amount of time (maximum some hours !).

Thanks in advance.