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Hello Gentlemen,

I am looking to map/mount NCP/NSS volume from OES11 Sp1 server to my Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 Sp4. Can we install novell client for linux on SLES11 Server and map it like in Windows?? or can we mount it read only someway using ncpmount command ???

Any helpful ideas will be highly appreciated.
Hi squadri,

Welcome to the SUSE forums.

You have asked such a simple question but it has a very complex answer. The short anser is, "It depends".

I may be able to offer some suggestions if you can tell me what are you trying to accomplish:
  • Are you trying to migrate GroupWise by chance?
  • If your SLES11 SP4 system isn't running OES, you can't be concerned too much with trustees...

If you want to see some of the issues and challenges you face, and some possible solutions, please take a look at this Cool Solution I wrote:
Migrating Files from NetWare to Linux or OES in 2017.

You may also find some useful ideas if you review the posts in the OES: Migration forum.

In any case, we can continue our dialog here and I'll be happy to help you where I can.