An update for SLED15 SP1:

To play local video files in Totem (GNOME Videos) on a machine with hardware video acceleration by Intel GPU (Intel Quick Sync Video => VA API) you have to install this rpm packages:

- oneplay-gstreamer-codecs-pack (from FLUENDO)
# rpm -q oneplay-gstreamer-codecs-pack 
- intel-vaapi-driver (from repository SLE-Module-Desktop-Applications15-SP1-Pool)
# rpm -q intel-vaapi-driver
- gstreamer-plugins-vaapi (from SUSE Package Hub =>
# rpm -q gstreamer-plugins-vaapi 
Gstreamer-plugins-vaapi supports only intel-vaapi-driver (/usr/lib64/driv/ Gstreamer-plugins-vaapi doesn't yet support intel-media-driver (/usr/lib64/dri/

You must deinstall rpm package intel-media-driver.

Check the correct installation of VA-API:

# rm -R ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/
# gst-inspect-1.0 |grep -i vaapi:
vaapi:  vaapijpegdec: VA-API JPEG decoder
vaapi:  vaapimpeg2dec: VA-API MPEG2 decoder
vaapi:  vaapih264dec: VA-API H264 decoder
vaapi:  vaapivc1dec: VA-API VC1 decoder
vaapi:  vaapivp8dec: VA-API VP8 decoder
vaapi:  vaapivp9dec: VA-API VP9 decoder
vaapi:  vaapih265dec: VA-API H265 decoder
vaapi:  vaapipostproc: VA-API video postprocessing
vaapi:  vaapidecodebin: VA-API Decode Bin
vaapi:  vaapisink: VA-API sink
vaapi:  vaapimpeg2enc: VA-API MPEG-2 encoder
vaapi:  vaapih265enc: VA-API H265 encoder
vaapi:  vaapivp8enc: VA-API VP8 encoder
vaapi:  vaapivp9enc: VA-API VP9 encoder
vaapi:  vaapijpegenc: VA-API JPEG encoder
vaapi:  vaapih264enc: VA-API H264 encoder
Now Totem plays smoothly local video files with H.264/AVC+AAC or H.265/HEVC+AAC up to Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160@60fps).

Test video files are available under: