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Thread: GPG key retrieval failed

  1. GPG key retrieval failed

    We have SUMA 3.1.2 installed and are trying to sync a custom repo we created:
    spacecmd {SSM:0}> repo_details "GitLab SLES 12-SP2"
    Repository Label:                  GitLab SLES 12-SP2
    Repository URL:          
    Repository Type:                   yum
    Repository SSL Ca Certificate:     None
    Repository SSL Client Certificate: None
    Repository SSL Client Key:         None
    spacecmd {SSM:0}> softwarechannel_details gitlab-12-sp2-pool-x86_64
    Label:              gitlab-12-sp2-pool-x86_64
    Name:               GitLab-12-SP2-Pool for x86_64
    Architecture:       x86_64
    Parent:             sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64
    Systems Subscribed: 0
    Number of Packages: 0
    GitLab SLES12-SP2 x86_64
    GPG Key:            E15E78F4
    GPG Fingerprint:    1A4C 919D B987 D435 9396  38B9 1421 9A96 E15E 78F4
    GPG URL:  
    GitLab SLES 12-SP2
    # spacewalk-repo-sync --channel gitlab-12-sp2-pool-x86_64
    09:42:56 ======================================
    09:42:56 | Channel: gitlab-12-sp2-pool-x86_64
    09:42:56 ======================================
    09:42:56 Sync of channel started.
    09:42:58 ChannelException: GPG key retrieval failed: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 :
    09:42:58 Total time: 0:00:01
    Does SUMA not honour the "GPG URL" field when you create a channel? Why is it using the wrong URL for the GPG key?

  2. Re: GPG key retrieval failed

    Redhat honors the "GPG URL" field only for file:// based URLs: Is SUMA doing something similar? If so, what is the magic pathname where I need to deposit the GPG key for the above repo?


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