I've been asked to test a staging driver in the latest kernel to see if it's stable. The environment I need to test it in is SLED11 SP2. I've been using Linux for many many years, but have never had an occasion to use staging drivers (or compile a kernel) in the past and could use some pointers.

I'm following this tutorial:

The staging drivers I need to test are in this kernel:

My first question is, do I need to compile the whole kernel to see if one driver works? If so I have some questions about the tutorial.

The tutorial says to install ncurses-devel, which isn't on the DVD. This system is not registered so YAST isn't getting anything off the online repos. I used the version for OpenSUSE 11.1 here: ftp://rpmfind.net/linux/opensuse/dis....16.x86_64.rpm

Will this work for SLED11? If not, do I need to register in order to get the correct ncurses-devel for this system?

Using the version of ncurses-devel that I am everything goes fine until compiling the RPM. There are no errors but the resulting RPM is for the same kernel version as comes with SP2 (that being 3.0.13-0.27) rather than 3.4-rc5. I double checked to make sure I ran make from the correct directory, I'm not sure what went wrong, any ideas?

When trying to install the resulting RPM I get hundreds of conflicts with existing packages of the same version numbers. What do I do about these?