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> My goal is to throw Openstack up on AWS using the free tier and without
> paying for software initially, as an excercise.
> I realize there are some special network tweeks which need to occur. My
> plan is to follow the community install docs for SuSe.
> My biggest concern is that the free tier AMI has 1GB ram and I doubt
> that's sufficient to run Openstack services.
> I assume that I would really not be able to leverage the SuSe Openstack
> Cloud software or SuSe Manager software. Anyone have any thoughts?
> Appreciated!

Whilst I don't have any experience of installing OpenStack on AWS
I have installed SUSE OpenStack Cloud in a virtual

Firstly I will note that the SUSE install docs on
cover installing third-party OpenStack packages (from the Open
Build Service) on openSUSE Leap 42.2 and SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server (SLES) 12 SP1 or SP2. This is not the same as installing
SUSE OpenStack Cloud and does not use SUSE Manager.

My experience with SUSE OpenStack Cloud says that 1GB of RAM is
not sufficient - whilst the docs suggest requiring a lot more you
can get away with 1.25GB. Do you have a machine available with
16GB of RAM? If so, I'd set up a virtual environment on that
rather than using AWS.

Note there is a forum dedicated to SUSE OpenStack Cloud @

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