New AMIs have been published:

Name in all regions: suse-sles-12-sp3-v20171121-hvm-ssd-x86_64

Here are the AMI-IDs per region:

ami-69df0d04 -> cn-north-1
ami-7377fb12 -> us-gov-west-1
ami-6b4cc411 -> us-east-1
ami-36f5db53 -> us-east-2
ami-0eebd36e -> us-west-1
ami-e3ef329b -> us-west-2
ami-adc974cb -> ap-northeast-1
ami-f067c09e -> ap-northeast-2
ami-2cacfb4f -> ap-southeast-1
ami-7eb15b1c -> ap-southeast-2
ami-d6e2adb9 -> ap-south-1
ami-438a3127 -> ca-central-1
eu-central-1 -> ami-b08406df
ami-6fd16616 -> eu-west-1
ami-c4c2dda0 -> eu-west-2
ami-548bce38 -> sa-east-1

pint data will follow tomorrow once other images affected by this issue have been updated.

Request to update the Quick Launcher images has been made and it is expected that the Quick Launcher will be updated sometime tomorrow.