I have some suggestions for improving the experiences and usage of SLED. I hope the developer could see their users' wishes

(1) The latest SLED 12 SP3, probably also including all the 12 version, uses so called "composite" desktop manager. This feature disabled Nvidia 3D stereo effect which is extremely important for professional design in various fields including biology, chemistry, physics, gaming, to name a few. I am very curious about why this feature has been disabled? Wouldn't it be good to use a reasonable desktop manager facilitating the Nvidia stereo mode?

(2) There are not enough application depositories for the SLED 12 SP3. For instance, the "Science" depository is unavailable. Many Python libraries are missing as well in the depositories. Bumblebee is not available either. Would it be good to fulfil these gaps? Many Linux users are working on Science and these libraries would be extremely important for their work.

(3) Nowadays it is very common that the Intel CPU has a poor GPU. This is a pain in the ass for professor users. Normally they only use dedicated graphic card such as Nvidia M2000. Many users have to spend a lot of time to install proper driver such as Bumblebee. I noticed that, Ubuntu can deal with this easily. It can automatically disable the poor Intel GPU and enable the Nvidia GPU during installation steps. It simplify their users' life a lot. Wouldn't it be good also introduce this in SLED? I believe most users are expecting this for a long time.

Thank you very much.