Dear colleges,

I am NOT a specialist, so I am sorry whether this is a very basic doubt. So I will need your kindly help on that !

I am using my machine/server (with SAP installed) in order to teach SAP on-line, so every time before to startup the SAP system I need to check my IP number (dynamic) via "ifconfig" command and then I open the file "etc/hosts" and change the IP number manually. However when the IP changes again (everyday) I need to shutdown the SAP system & machine to recognize the new IP and then to change the new IP number in the file "hosts" again and again...

Therefore, I wonder whether there is a way to recognize the new IP automatically without shutdown the SAP system & machine as well as do not change the IP in the file "hosts" manually ?

I heard something regarding DHCP resource, but I have no idea whether it is the a solution as well as how to configure that. On the other, I also heard that I could "deactivate" the DHCP and put all machines as a manual IP, but unfortunately DHCP deactivation is not able in the IP configuration.

Well, not sure whether I could give you all necessary details, and I kindly request a very basic step by step once I am very new in this operational system.