On 12/06/2017 12:14 AM, alamstupa wrote:
> I have a system running with Suse Enterprise Linux VERSION="12-SP3"
> VERSION_ID="12.3"
> PRETTY_NAME="SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3"
> ID="sles"
> ANSI_COLOR="0;32"
> CPE_NAME="cpe:/o:suse:sles:12:sp3"
> We are also running the " open suse". We normally sending the mail to
> the client through java code and send mail configuration file in open
> suse and its working fine but once we deploy the same file in "SUSE
> Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3" mail configuration is not working.

What do you see on the wire when you try to send a message? Your "java
code" should not care about the distribution at all, so if the properties
file below is for that program then it sounds like something about that
program is not working, or perhaps something about the environment where
it is running.

For example, if your new SLES system is running in AWS (as I presume from
this forum) but you have a different security group (AWS firewall)
applied, then it may not be allowed to reach out to the world on TCP 465
to get the mail to smtp.zoho.com at all, even though the application is
trying, and the host is trying.

> Below is the Sending mail configuration file
> #Send mail configuration
> sendemail=example@abc.co
> sendemailpassword=
> sendemailhost=smtp.zoho.com
> sendemailport=465
> sendemail.smtp.auth=true
> sendemail.smtp.startssl.enable=true
> sendemail.subject=User Creation Notification
> sendemail.template.path=/particle/conf/EmailTemplate.html
> sendsms.template.path=/particle/conf/UserSMSTemplate.txt
> #Assessment Properties
> assessemnt.qualification=50
> #Generate Certificate
> certificate.certificateimage=/particle/Certificate.jpg
> certificate.lavaimage=/particle/lava.png
> certificate.certificatepath=/particle/certificates
> #HUL Properties.
> sendnotification.toemailids=sample@abc.co,sample@a bc.co
> sendnotification.ccemailids=
> sendnotification.bccemailids=
> sendnotification.phonenumbers=
> sendnotification.subject=
> And also I would like to configure postfix on this system for sending
> mails as a root user using "mail" command to smtp server which will then
> forward it to the correct address.
> Example " xyz# mail xyz@stupa.co"

My brand new SLES 12 SP3 box in AWS's EC2 has Postfix running by
default,so unless you have disabled it I do not think it should be

> As per my knowledge there are two main configuration files in
> /etc/postfix folder;
> main.cf
> master.cf

You should not need to do much to just make it send e-mail outbound as
that is default functionality. On my EC2 instance, for example, I just
ran this command and sent myself a message:

echo 'This is a simple mail test.' | mail -s 'testing e-mail from
a2btech.com' aburgemeister@gmail.com
Good luck.

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