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> I have a running SLES 11 SP2 physical server (Dell R series). I wish to
> create its image on a usb hard disk such that I can install its exact
> replica on another physical server. Is it possible? If yes, what is the
> best method to do so?

Is the new physical server exactly the same make, model, hardware
specification, etc. as the running one?

Obviously the USB hard disk storage would need to be larger than the
running server's disk(s) - this could come done to bytes as formatted
capacity will be less than advertised capacity. USB hard disk will also
need to be formatted with a file system that can take large files (I'm
guessing your hard disks are bigger than 2-4GB!).

I would boot the running server from a rescue disk then use dd to make
an image of the disk(s) saving them to the USB hard disk. Note image the
disk(s) not the individual partitions.

Use something like "dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/usb/disk1.img" where /dev/sda
is the disk to image and /mnt/usb is where USB hard disk is mounted.

You can then boot the new server from the same rescue disk then copy
image to hard disk with something like "dd if=/mnt/usb/disk1.img

If it's the same hardware, etc. it should then boot though the network
configuration will need adjusting to take account of different MAC

If it's not the same hardware then you may need additional and/or newer
drivers. Storage could be different so disk may not be /dev/sda.

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