Hi guys,
I have one case to ask. So, I have the OpenStack Cloud 7(SOC 7) up and running. One of the purpose is to provide VMs that people can use to do labs exercises. Currently, I have an instance on the cloud running SLES12 SP3 and i tried to install XEN hypervisor on top of that instance. After installation, the system ask to reboot to XEN kernel. I did reboot to the XEN kernel but it failed eventually. The instance shut down itself. So i tried to start it again and booted to XEN hypervisor kernel. Then the system hang forever at the step "A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2duuid-ebdeead6\x2d...". I have the screenshot. Can anyone tell me what is the problems? Are there any way to work around for that. Thanks alot. I am happy to give more details on the environment.