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Thread: SUSE cluster is not working with SUSE SAP SLES 12 SP2

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  1. Question SUSE cluster is not working with SUSE SAP SLES 12 SP2


    I have installed SLSE 12 SP2 iso for SAP products because our use case is to make SAP HANA HA .
    Image is installed and HANA is also installed with replication enabled .

    Now try to add the cluster , it added on 1 node and also configure the sdb disk for split scenarios , but when add the other node in the cluster via giving the IP address of the first node , it doesnt add the sdb disk on the second node .
    It also still shows the local node in the crm status output and it seems 2 different clusters are there .

    Can someone please help me in this case what I am missing or this is a issue .

    Output of first node --

    1 node configured
    1 resource configured

    Online: [ r2r1m1p01 ]

    Full list of resources:

    stonith-sbd (stonith:external/sbd): Started r2r1m1p01

    Output of second node --

    1 node configured
    0 resources configured

    Online: [ r1r2m4p37 ]

    Full list of resources:
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