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Thread: su asks for password

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    su asks for password

    SLES 10 SP3 - cannot get su to stop asking for password. Have to enter root password.

    Below is a snippet of /etc/sudoers, which seems to work on another box. Thanks for any assistance

    # In the default (unconfigured) configuration, sudo asks for the root password.
    # This allows use of an ordinary user account for administration of a freshly
    # installed system. When configuring sudo, delete the two
    # following lines:
    #Defaults targetpw # ask for the password of the target user i.e. root
    #ALL ALL=(ALL) ALL # WARNING! Only use this together with 'Defaults targetpw'!

    # Runas alias specification

    # User privilege specification
    root ALL=(ALL) ALL
    local-user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

    Having NOPASSWD: in or out does not seem to matter.

    joe a.
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