Hello dear community!

I am a total suse n00bie who has been asked to help on an installation of Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10.

- DNS is set to this one SUSE10 server for the clients
- The domain setup of the SUSE10 server is abc.com
- The SUSE10 has no webservers for port 80 (resulting in a timeout)
- The Webservers are hosted off-site

- How can i set up a simple redirect for port 80 traffice, so that both www.abc.com and abc.com (port 80) traffic gets relayed to an IP adress (the off-site webserver)

I am currently logged into the system via VNC, using YaST
I also have a client that has admin via NovellConsoleOne

Though my efforts of both googling and looking through the configs, i fail to see the solution

Any help and pointers would be greatly appriciated!