Hi Kind Folk,

Just an update of what's happening in my part of the world.... our
tickets are booked and we fly to Rotterdam on 14 April arriving on 15
April. Besides trying to wrap things up at work we are frantically
trying to sort our stuff out before the packers get here next Tuesday in
preparation for the big move on Wednesday. I'm not too sure where we
will be sleeping on Tuesday evening with all our stuff packed but not
yet moved out. I've resigned myself to the fact that I might just be
sleeping in the garage!

In less than two weeks I will no longer be a member of the KP program
This is very SAD for me I still consider myself a newby in the
program and now I have to say farewell, and a hello from the "other"
side! Many thanks to all of you for your constant support and


Laura Buckley
Technical Consultant & Trainer
South Africa

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