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Could you please help me with installation of kdenlive on SLED 11 SP1
According to installation instruction for OpenSuse:
1. I have to add repositories
YaST -> Software -> Software Repositories Add -> Community Repositories, and select:
Main Repository (OSS)
Main Repository (Non-OSS)
Packman Repository
Main Update Repository
There is no "Community Repositories" for SLED, how can I do that?
I found packman Essentials/ repo for SLE 11 only
Could you point me out to the right urls for sled?

2. Then it should be available in yast, or I can run
zypper install kdenlive
The official repositories for SLED are much slimmer as compared to openSUSE (as openSUSE it the open source version as well as development version it's much wider in, well, everything IMO ).

Anyway... not official or supported, but you could try adding the openSUSE 11.4 repository found in this OBS project: https://build.opensuse.org/package/s...ckage=kdenlive
I'd say to first try and get in touch with the maintainer of this OBS project (that would be Cristian aka RedDwarf) and see why the SLED repository is not active.

In any case, after a repository in general - the packages in it should be available in either YaST's Software Management module or by using "zypper install ....". Both ways end up doing the same, it's just one is via GUI where the other is command line based.