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RESOLVED - this issue is fixed. I have noted that there were network card issues with one of the nodes. I have 3 NIC's in each node. One for DRBD replication, one for HA and the last for normal LAN connectivity. By removing all cards and enabling one at a time and re-installing SLES11 SP2 I have been able to identify a faulty NIC. It did appear to operate ok when I first set up the server - pings appeared fine etc. However, the faulty card was picked up by the OS when I re-installed it but the OS stated that it could not configure it. Using another NIC did not give this issue and when re-configuring DRBD, all connected and sync'd fine with the non-live directly connected nic's.

It was unfortunate that the NIC was actually intermittently failing when I was performing the initial setups and causing this problem. I hope this may help others that mey see the same issue.

Thanks for feeding it back John!

Interesting to see what happened and I'm sure it will help others along the way